Unique Frozen Food (M) Sdn Bhd was established in March 2001. It is owned and operated by Ms. Tan Chwee Ean and Mr. Lee Chin Teong. Its operation is intended to focus on Halal and selected processed frozen food industry. Currently, its activities include production and sales of high quality "UFF” and "UniiFood” brand.Our products are channeled to entire Malaysia region through distributors, agents, and direct customers. Considerable percentage of the sales is attributed to hotels, food service outlets, restaurants, and walk-in-cash-customers.

TEL: +604-3972218 / +604-3904648

FAX: +604-3972219

优食冷冻食品(大马 )有限公司成立于2001年3月。是由陈翠燕女士和李振忠先生共同创立的。15年来,本公司在冷冻食品已规模成一个生产优质亚洲美食的厂家。严格的流程监控和不断的食品技术研究,一再为我们的忠实客户提供优质美食和保持食品的安全以及新鲜度的优食冷冻食品。我们拥有食品安全“MESTI”以及穆斯林餐“Halal Jakim”(清真食品)认证,是由马来西亚政府卫生部及清真机构所发出。在马来西亚我们已是食品的首选高级品牌,我们的足迹遍布全国的5星级酒店及食品连锁店,我们已随时准备飞跃进入国际市场,无私的与世界分享我们的安全美食产品。更多了解关于我们,请游览  更不要犹豫联系我们询问任何问题。

Quality & Freshness

We continue to monitor our quality processes stringently and adhere to the highest standards of food processing. Our manufacturer's factory has received certification from the organizations below.

Vision & Mission

To be the preferred brand, offering healthiest and nutritious superior tasting food to the household everywhere in the world. Our mission is to produce the best specialty product with excellent unique taste.


Jenama Kami
Unique Frozen Food (M) Sdn Bhd ditubuhkan pada Mac 2001. Ia dimiliki dan dikendalikan oleh Cik Tan Chwee Ean dan Encik Lee Chin Teong. Syarikat kami memberi tumpuan kepada industri makanan beku yang Halal. Selain itu, kami menghasilkan jenama "UFF" dan "UniiFood" yang berkualiti tinggi. Produk kami diedarkan kepada hotel dan restoran di seluruh Malaysia.

Kualiti & Kesegaran.
Kami mengawal proses kualiti dengan ketat dan mematuhi piawaian tertinggi dalam pemprosesan makanan. Kilang kami telah mendapat pengiktirafan daripada organisasi di bawah.

Feature of product


 优食冷冻食品(大马 )有限公司, 主要生产多种南洋风味的清真食品。馅料以鸡肉,海鲜,蔬菜, 香料 为主,适合各民族信仰。风味有中国,马来西亚,印尼,泰国,越南,也有独家创制的聚变风味,多达70种。烹饪简易,只需从冰柜中取出,以油炸或腾蒸即可。   佐饭,拼盘,餸酒,点心 都相搭得宜。是宴会,家庭小聚不可若缺的小乐趣。

Unique Frozen Food (M) Sdn. Bhd. produces variety of Asian flavor of halal food . Main ingredients are chicken , seafood , vegetables & spices which widely acceptable for various ethnic beliefs. We have flavors of China, Malaysia , Indonesia , Thailand , Vietnam also own creation of exclusive fusion cuisine as many as 70 kinds . We make it easy to serve, just remove from the freezer for deep frying or hot steaming.   Suitable for dish meal, platter or finger food , for whether banquets or family gathering,  we promise this will be the added small pleasures you would not want to miss.

Contact Us

Unique Frozen Food (M) Sdn Bhd
26, Lengkok Kikik 1,
Taman Inderawasih,
13600 Prai, Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: +604-3972218, +604-3904648 
Fax: +604-3972219

H/P: +6012-5117749, +6012-7829549


Position                          : Sales Executive
Level                              : Junior Executive
Job Specialization           :Marketing/Business DevelopmentQualification:Primary/Secondary School/SPM/"O"Level
Employment Type           :Full-Time
Responsibilities               :Sales & Marketing
Job Location                    :Selangor
Years of Experience         :2 years
Salary                             :MYR3000-MYR3500